The Flame Ring is an upgrade obtained by both Sonic and Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. This upgrade is a ring bracelet that causes both users Somersault to be upgraded to the Fire Somersault, which can destroy metal containers with a fiery aura.



Sonic's Flame Ring is located in Crazy Gadget. After passing the level's second Star Post, Sonic has to jump into the high-speed warp tube. Once emerging from the tube, head to the other end of the room Sonic entered, to where the switch is and reverse the gravity. After landing on the ground from the gravity switch, use the [Spring|spring]] in the corner to reach the upper platform and the Flame Ring will be located between the craters near the edge.


Shadow can optionally find this upgrade on Radical Highway. The Air Shoes are usually required for Shadow to get the Flame Ring, though this can be bypassed with a well timed Homing Attack.

After passing through the first highway tunnel, reach the next platform with the Dash Panel. Then, head to the upper highway on this platform with the upreel and then by the three-setter Spring. Once on the highway, go to the left and pass under the spinning hexagonal pillar with Shadow's Somersault. On the other side, there will be a gap which can be crossed with the Light Speed Dash (or the Homing Attack and Spin Attack). Once across, hit the three-setter Spring and the Flame Ring can be found on the top.


  • Unlike Shadow, where the Flame Ring merely serves as an optional upgrade, the Flame Ring is necessary for Sonic to complete Crazy Gadget.
  • This and the Bounce Bracelet are the required items to obtain the optional upgrade for Sonic, Magic Hand.
  • There is a way to get Shadow's Flame Ring without the air shoes. All you have to do is spin dash, and jump at the right time.
  • If Shadow has the Flame Ring before the Cannon's Core, it is removed when he transforms into Super Shadow.