The Laser Blaster is an upgrade for Tails and Eggman in Sonic Adventure 2. It is a weapon enhancer that allows the user's Lock-On Missiles to release violent explosions upon contact, thus damaging enemies that is near the target.



Tails' version of the Laser Blaster is located in Prison Lane, in a room behind a set of bars, next to the Goal Ring. To obtain this upgrade, Tail has to possess the Bazooka, which is needed to break the iron crates that blocks the path to the room. In order to open the bared room, Tails has to destroy the Gun Beetle which is hiding in the upper left-hand corner. This will open the cage and the Laser Blaster can be obtained.


Dr. Eggman's version of the Laser Blaster is located in Iron Gate. In order to obtain the Laster Blaster it is necessary to have obtained the Large Cannon. Right after passing the second Star Post, there will be a room with four ring jars and in front of that room there are two water tanks. Destroy them and it will reveal four iron containers. Destroy them and the Laser Blaster can be found behind them.