Pyramid Cave is the eleventh stage of the Hero Story of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic's third stage.

Stage LayoutEdit

Pyramid Cave is an Egyptian indoors ruin themed level, with large murals and hieroglyphs, and since it's Eggman's base, statues with their heads replaced by one with his face.

The major gimmicks of this level are hourglass doors derived from Sonic & Knuckles's Sandopolis Zone. There are also hoops that, if jumped across, will award Sonic skill points and the only level featuring object-to-place mechanics.

Other level-specific objects include bars that can be swung, torches and bonfires, chimneys with Eggman's face, boat pendulums and windmills. Ghosts also are around here, along with E-1000s.


Sonic's Bounce Bracelet is located here allowing him to gain altitude by bouncing.


  • Big the Cat can be seen while grinding on the rails, but only in the Dreamcast version.